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Bronx Real Estate

At the Law Office of Joseph A. Carofano, P.C., clients find trustworthy counsel and experienced representation in all types and aspects of real estate closings. 

We represent sellers and purchasers of single family and multi-family homes, as well as townhouses, condominium units and cooperative units. In addition, we represent sellers and purchasers of commercial properties and businesses. 

We act as closing attorneys for many major lenders, including but not limiting to, Citibank, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and Bank of America. We also provide this service for many local mortgage brokerage firms.

With offices in Bronx, New York and Westchester Counties, our firm handles real estate closings throughout New York. Our firm’s founder, Joseph A. Carofano, Esq., brings his experience and skill as a trial lawyer in the effective representation and advocacy of all his purchasers and sellers purchasing any type of properties and businesses. Our firm’s other partner, Cesaria (“Sara”) DeMarco, Esq. bring her extensive knowledge of all aspects of real estate law to our firm’s zealous representation of our clients.

Quality Client Service and Individual Attention in All Real Estate Transactions

Founded in 2003 and with over 25+ years of legal experience, our firm has been committed to meeting the highest standards of personal service and attention. We handle each client with the same honesty, respect and attention to detail.

"We take pride in our ability to keep in contact with our clients and our honesty with them. We are down to earth and easily accessible. We stick to what we say. There are no hidden fees." — Attorney Joseph A. Carofano, Esq.

"I enjoy being a lawyer because I like interacting with people and helping them with the purchase and sale of their homes and other properties." — Cesaria ("Sara") DeMarco, Esq.

We understand that the most important key to an effective real estate transaction is communication. We understand that in real estate matters, our clients' success depends upon our ability to communicate promptly with realtors, loan officers, lenders, title companies, zoning boards, appraisers and other industry professionals.


Understanding Closing Costs

Sellers in a real estate transaction should consider the various costs involved. Estimated closing costs for a single family or multi-family home, as well as a townhouse or a condominium unit, include mortgage payoffs, transfer taxes, title closer fees, attorney fees, and real estate agent commissions. With a cooperative unit, additional fees may include transfer agent fees and flip taxes.

Purchasers also have numerous closing costs. Estimated closing costs for a single family or multi-family home, as well as a townhouse or a condominium unit, include bank fees, mortgage taxes, title insurance fees, title closer fees, homeowners insurance fees and attorney fees. With a cooperative unit, fees include bank fees, lien search fees, coop insurance fee, attorney fees, transfer agent fees and maintenance fees.


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